Angelica Page is a legendary actress and a friend of mine. We had band for a while. I look back fondly on those days.


You might recognize her from 6th Sense, where she poisons Misha Barton.

Patty Mullin performed the role of the titular Frankenhooker. I met her at Chiller Theatre, we talked a lot about music. She's charming, so I decided to write "I Gave My Heart To A Frankenhooker" as a nice homage to her.

William Forsythe is a dear sweet dude. I met him at Chiller Theatre too. Our table was right next to his so we bullshitted a lot. He's one of the best, super down to earth. He's so much different than all of the villainous characters that he portrays.

I met Dave Vanian at the Stone Pony thanks to my pal Dan from Electric Frankenstein, who was opening for them. Mr. Vanian was one of the most gracious fellas. Captain Sensible was awesome too, but I can't find the photos that we took with him.

Anthony Rodriguez, Cheetah Chrome, and me acting like a fucking asswipe around a punk rock legend. During my tenure in the Accelerators we got to open for Cheetah Chrome and the Blackhearts (Yes, Joan Jett's band) and they sounded fucking great.

Bill Mosley and Sid Haig were the two most personable people at Chiller Theatre that year. I think I spoke to them for a good half hour or so, pestering Bill with questions about "The American Massacre", the Chop Top movie that was supposed to be coming out...

Walter Lure! Dude is the singer for The Heartbreakers, so I had to take a picture with him even though I'm wearing blue lipstick like I just blew a smurf.

Jesse Camp is one of the most energetic people I've ever met. I love how he fucks with everybody, loudly and confidently interjecting the most random assertions into conversations. I love running into this guy.

Judge Reinhold isn't a real judge, but he is a real nice guy.

Erik Estrada looks like he's younger than me. He told me that the secret is "You party hard on the weekends, and then you purge Sunday night and you go to work Monday morning. Always go to work Monday morning."


Sorry I gave away your secret, Erik.

Little Nell, Patricia Quinn, Barry Bostwick... FUCKING ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. They were super cool. At some point I was playing Science Fiction Double Feature on acoustic guitar and they were singing along. Great times...

Dennis Haskins, Mr. Belding. This dude looks just like my Dad, except now he has more hair than my Dad. When my Dad went to China, people thought he was Mr. Belding.


He was cool as shit, it's cool to see someone who loves being social and embracing the fans.

Steve Conte from the New York Dolls / Michael Monroe, and a bunch of other places. Mr. Belding actually looks like my Dad, but Steve Conte looks like he should be.

Kane Roberts from Alice Cooper's band is a jacked motherfucker. I lost the arm wrestling match.

Argyle Goolsby is my buddy. Listen to his band Argyle Goolsby and the Roving Midnight.