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Why did you change your name so many times?

- Dom

What's in a name, anyway?


...Because I felt like it. If you wanna go way back, I first started as Paul Strange in my first band ever 'Dementia 13' and then in 2005 I went to Paul of the Living Dead because Paul Strange wasn't dumb enough. I was Paul of the Living Dead until my brother passed away in 2012 at which point I decided I didn't wanna glorify death as openly anymore, so my name took its final form as Paul Mauled. Once day my friend Bryan looked at his Pall Mall cigarette box, turned to me and said "You should change your stage name to Paul Mauled."


I looked at my skin, all deranged from my psoriasis and thought "Precisely, ol chum!"


The band name went from the Pumpkin Patch in 2005, to Bad Whoremoans in 2007. As my musical tastes changed from a dumb teenager to a dumb asshole in his twenties, the songs I was writing began to not sound like a band called The Pumpkin Patch. I got into Motorhead and the New York Dolls, I wanted something with a little bit of edge, some attitude. The Pumpkin Patch sounded like where you go to pick pumpkins, and our shows were impossible to find because go put "Pumpkin Patch shows" in Google.


P.M. 6/12/2017